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Black Diamond® CrystallineTM

A revolutionary crapemyrtle with stunning near-black foliage crowned with masses of dazzling white blooms. Crystalline grows to be a colorful hedge or can be pruned to be a beautiful tree.


  • Grows beautifully in patio planters
  • Child & pet friendly

Geographical Considerations

Zones 2-5: Annual
  • Landscape annual or patio containers
Zone 6: Perennial
  • Perennial performance with mulch in Fall
Zone 7-11:
  • Flowering tree or shrub
  • Bloom Time- Midsummer to Fall
  • Mature Size - 12' Tall by 8' Wide
  • Light - Full Sun
  • Water Usage - Drought tolerant once established
  • Prune - To shape in late Winter or early Spring
  • Plant Food - Slow release granular recommended
  • Mulch - To conserve water & reduce weeds