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Dress for Success: Creating Stunning Color Combos with Black Diamond® Blooms – Plant for Repetition

Published September 17th, 2019 by Nick

With the fall planting season fast approaching, how do you create a gorgeous garden color scheme when your focal point plants make a big statement in their own right? If you have a Black Diamond crape myrtle (or 9) you understand. These trees are exploding with vibrant color — from their trademark black foliage to the eyepopping flower clusters and textural bark, Black Diamond plants create an elegant and dramatic statement in any well-dressed landscape.

Our next three posts will elaborate on creating stunning combinations in your garden!

If you’re stumped about what to plant with or around your Black Diamond, to show it off but not upstage it, don’t you worry. This series is your invitation + RSVP card, complete with dress code, so you can plan your garden ensemble accordingly: with color combos that complete rather than compete.

Design Principles Made Easy (Trust Us, It’s Easy): PART ONE

Let’s start with the basics — Black Diamond crapemyrtles have colorful blooms, stunning bark, and ebony leaves that pump up the drama in the garden in a way that few other trees can. So, let’s start this rundown of design principles which will greatly help us to narrow down plant options to complement Black Diamond’s features.

Accessory Plants for Color Repetition

Luscious black foliage begs to be repeated a few times throughout the garden — without appropriate repetition, a line is crossed from a plant that stands out to be noticed to one that stands out because it just doesn’t belong. Look for a few other plants that have a similar leaf color and repeat it a couple of times in different spots in your landscape — any leaf with black, burgundy, or dark tones will do. In the photo above, dark leaf canna, dahlias and “Blackie” sweet potato vine make excellent partners for Black Diamond Best Red. Loropetalum, smokebush, black mondo grass, purple fountain grass, dark-leafed elephant ears and caladiums are also excellent options.

Stay tuned for PART TWO of Dress for Success: Creating Black Diamond Combos with Contrast!

What dark foliage would you pair with Black Diamond crape myrtles in your yard?

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