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Dress for Success: Creating Stunning Color Combos with Black Diamond® Blooms – Create Combos with Contrast

Published September 18th, 2019 by Nick

In Part Two of our series, we take on CONTRAST!

Design Principles Made Easy (Trust Us, It’s Easy) – PART TWO

Let’s review the basics — Black Diamond Crapemyrtles have colorful blooms, stunning bark, and ebony leaves that pump up the drama in the garden in a way that few other trees and shrubs can. Using Black Diamonds in a variety of ways in your garden increases visual appeal and interest. In Part One, we shared how Black Diamonds can serve as an anchor for other plantings with similar, dark foliage. It’s time we flip the script and go full contrast showing just how versatile a Black Diamond Crapemyrtle can be in your landscape!

Now that we have the repetition down, let’s throw in a little contrast for interest. We can do this with either foliage or flower color.

Foliage: Plants that have bright green or silver foliage contrast beautifully with Black Diamond’s darker tones, giving just enough of a pop for the colors to bounce off of each other. Variegated foliage (green and white, for example) is another way to add contrast with leaves. And for the rest of your plants’ leaves? Plan on having a good dose of medium green to soothe everything out and give the eye a place to rest.

Flower Color: Let’s say you have a Black Diamond Pure White Crapemyrtle — nearly any other flower color will play nicely, from hot pink to crimson, or purple. What about Crimson Red with its dramatic deep red blooms? Pair that one with white flowers, or all shades of red or strong pink. How about Blush, with its delicate barely-there pink hue? Combine it with other pinks in stronger shades, or venture out into the purples.

Beautiful, isn’t it?! Creating a living work of art is easy when Black Diamond Crapemyrtles are involved.

On the next post in our series Dress for Success, we’ll talk about Focusing on Form. Stay tuned!

So, what unique contrasting colors would you use with your Black Diamond?

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