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What is the difference between the reds in the Black Diamond Collection?

Red Hot™-We have found Red Hot to naturally prefer to take on more of an upright tree-form. The bloom color is the darkest red of the Black Diamond Collection.

Crimson Red™- We have found Crimson Red to naturally take on a shrubbier habit. The bloom color is the brightest red in the Black Diamond Crapemyrtle Collection.

Best Red™-We have found the growth habit and bloom color of Best Red to be right between Crimson Red and Red Hot. Best Red is also one of the earliest bloomers of the collection.

My Black Diamond lost ALL leaves, is it dead?

Black Diamond Crapemyrtles naturally will go dormant over the winter. By late this April/early May, you should start to see buds emerge from the dormant wood. Even the wood that appears “dead” and dry will sprout new foliage.

My Black Diamond foliage looks green…what can I do to make it dark again?

It is completely normal for the new growth on your Black Diamonds to start off looking more green than black in the Spring. As the foliage receives six or more hours of sunlight each day, it will naturally darken. If your Black Diamond is not getting this much sunlight, please consider relocating to ensure optimal health and performance.

How and when should I prune my Black Diamonds?

We have lifetime nurseryman and horticulturist Jim Berry of J. Berry Nursery to walk you through the proper pruning methods step by step in this helpful video.

Will my Black Diamonds grow on my patio in a decorative pot?

Yes! Please see the helpful video below for tips and inspiration for mixed planters!

I am looking for a specific Black Diamond variety, but cannot find anywhere!

Black Diamonds are still new to the horticulture world and we are working to develop more coverage. The best time to find Black Diamonds at retailers is in mid-to-late Spring, Summer and early Fall. If you cannot find the exact variety you are wanting, please ask your local nursery to order specifically for you from their supplier. You can also have Black Diamonds delivered to your door from the outstanding online retailers below.

Nature Hills Nursery

Plant Me Green Nursery

Sooner Plant Farm