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Brilliant Blooms and Flawless Foliage

Field of red crapemyrtles with greenhouses in background

The Story: Black Diamond Crapemyrtles

Is it possible for a plant to be both a staple and a statement piece? It is when the plant’s a Black Diamond Crapemyrtle.

This distinctive collection, discovered by J. Berry Nursery, was gifted their mesmerizing black foliage from Mother Nature. Those seeking effortless style for their outdoor space will delight at our crapemyrtles’ drought and heat tolerance, compact habits, fadeless foliage, and vibrant bloom colors. Ideal for growing as breathtaking flowering hedges, show-stopping focal points and sensational container gardens, Black Diamonds make a lasting impression wherever they are planted. 

Set the standard for natural elegance in your garden with:

·       Black Diamond® Best Red™

·       Black Diamond® Blush™

·       Black Diamond® Crimson Red™

·       Black Diamond® Mystic Magenta™

·       Black Diamond® Pure White™

·       Black Diamond® Purely Purple™

·       Black Diamond® Red Hot™

·       Black Diamond® Shell Pink™

·       Black Diamond® Lavender Lace™

Our World Class Promise

Black Diamond Crapemyrtles have set the standard for resilient beauty. A partnership of the highest quality growers across the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa, and China certifies every Black Diamond stands the test of time. New “cuts” and colors will continue to join this regal Crapemyrtle Collection