Mystic Magenta™

Black Diamond® Mystic Magenta™ ppaf

Mystic Magenta™ is a stunning new crapemyrtle with striking black foliage and masses of gorgeous magenta-pink blooms. As an Intermediate, Mystic Magenta™ will grow to a maximum height of approximately 10-feet to 12-feet tall and 8-feet wide.

  • Driveway and fence border-Plant 12' to 15' apart

  • Flowering hedge-Plant 2' to 3' apart and cut down to 4" tall each winter  

                - Plants re-grow to make a 3' to 4' tall flowering hedge each year

  •  Patio planter-Plant in a decorative planter at least 12" in diameter

Geographical Considerations

  •  Zones 2-5: Annual

            - Use as annual blooming summer color in landscape
            - Use as a patio planter and bring inside for the winter

  • Zone 6: Perennial

            - Use as flowering hedge that will re-grow from the ground each year
            - Use as a patio planter and bring inside for the winter

  • Zone 7-11: Deciduous Shrub/Small Tree

           - Use as a border for driveway, fence, or property boundary
           - Use as a blooming hedge
           - Use as a patio planter

  • Colorful foliage early Spring through Fall

  • Beautiful blooms late Spring through Fall

  • Drought tolerant

  • Low maintenance

  • Highly resistant to mildew

  • Great for smaller gardens

  • Fertilize once per year as new growth emerges

  • Plant in full sun

  • Water thoroughly every other day for first month

  • Prune each Late Winter/Early Spring to achieve desired height and shape